Maria Csollány translated Etty Hillesum in German

Maria Csollány was born in the Dutch city Tilburg in 1932. Her family name was Raschke. She died in 2018 in Maria Csollány translated Etty Hillesum in GermanEdingen-Neckarhausen (Germany). With her family she escaped for the nazis in 1943 to Hungary were she lived till 1956. From 1953 on she worked free lance for a newspaper. She published poetry and short stories and translated from German into Hungarian. After the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 she fled to Edingen-Neckarhausen. From 1971 on she worked as a German translator from English, Hungarian, Dutch and Afrikaans. Among the Dutch authors J. Bernlef, Charlotte Mutsaers and Judith Herzberg. Maria Csollány translated Etty Hillesum’s first anthology in German.

The cover of the first German edition of the Diaries. Beware that the women gently holding a cat is NOT Etty Hillesum.


Bibliographical reference

Original title: Het verstoorde leven. Dagboek van Etty Hillesum 1941-1943. Amsterdam: Balans 1981. German title: Das denkende Herz der Baracke. Die Tagebucher von Etty Hillesum 1941-1943. Freiburg – Heidelberg: F.H. Kerle 1983. The translation was published again by the German Herder Verlag in 2022. This new edition has another cover picture.


Notes to Maria Csollány translated Etty Hillesum

  • I used the German Wikipedia dedicated to Maria Csollány to set up this page. Click here.



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