Surnames beginning with C – Authors on Etty Hillesum

Surnames beginning with C

(Between brackets the country code)

  • Daniel Camarero Santamaría
  • Juri Camisasca (it)
  • Carme Capó
  • Nandino Capovilla and Betta Tusset
  • John Cartner
  • Cyrus Cassells
  • Catherine Chalier
  • Brigitte Cazeaux
  • Federico Cereja (1945-2005) (it)
  • Catherine Chalier
  • Corinne Cherifi
  • Stephen Cherry
  • Marja Clement (nl)
  • Jeanne-Marie Clerc (fr)
  • Maria Coccia (it)
  • Alexandra Lucas Coelho
  • Meins G.S. Coetsier (nl)
  • Kath Coffey
  • Monique Lise Cohen
  • Sylvia Comer
  • Ronald Commers
  • André Comte-Sponville
  • Michel Cornuz
  • Matteo Corradini (it)
  • Roger Cousin
  • Denise de Costa (nl)
  • João Bernard da Costa
  • A. Cottrau
  • Patricia Couto (nl)
  • Maria Csollány (1932-2018) (de)

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Notes to Surnames beginning with C – Authors on Etty Hillesum

  • Find here the first part of the General Etty Hillesum Bibliography of all the editions of her works and the translations. And click here for the second part which contains studies dedicated to her.


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