The Lasting Significance of Etty Hillesum’s Writings

The Lasting Significance of Etty Hillesum’s WritingsThe Lasting Significance of Etty Hillesum’s Writings: Proceedings of the Third International Etty Hillesum Conference at Middelburg, September 2018

This is the complete title of the proceedings of the third international Etty Hillesum meeting. It took place at Etty Hillesum’s birth place Middelburg on September 10, 11 and 12.

The book has 500 pages, a Bibliography, an Index of Names and Subjects, and 7 illustrations. Language: English.

Editor: Klaas A.D. Smelik
The book was realized in cooperation with: Julie Benschop-Plokker, Caroline Diepeveen, Ron van Uum, and Ms. Michael Strange


  • Nancy JP Anderson
  • Fernando Arriero Peranton
  • Emilio Baccarini
  • Lotte Bergen
  • Ria van den Brandt
  • Pierre Bühler
  • John Cartner
  • Stephen Cherry
  • Marja Clement
  • Denise de Costa
  • Patricia Couto
  • Maria Essunger
  • Laura Fasani
  • Sara Gomel
  • Maribeth Kallemeyn
  • Marc P. Lalonde
  • Ulrich Lincoln
  • William C. McDonough
  • Barbara Morrill
  • Alexandra Nagel
  • Rosana Elena Navarro Sánchez
  • Maria Gabriella Nocita
  • William Augusto Peña Esquivel
  • Maria Luísa Ribeiro Ferreira
  • Bettine Siertsema
  • Klaas A.D. Smelik
  • Jurjen Wiersma
  • Patrick Woodhouse
  • Lucrezia Zanardi

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  1. Music as Metaphor in Etty Hillesum’s Spirituality, Nancy JP Anderson
  2. A “staretz” in Camp Westerbork : The Connections Between Slavic Orthodoxy and the Spirituality of Etty Hillesum, Fernando Arriero Peranton
  3. Etty Hillesum: Humanity as a Task, Emilio Baccarini
  4. Etty Hillesum & Albert Konrad Gemmeker: A Twofold Analysis of the Perpetration of the Westerbork Commander, Lotte Bergen
  5. “Now is the Time to Put into Practice: Love Your Enemies”: Several Notes on Hillesum’s “Love for Enemies” in Levenskunst, Ria van den Brandt
  6. The Cares of the Pagans : The Reading of Matthew 6:25-34 by Søren Kierkegaard and Etty Hillesum, Pierre Bühler
  7. Dialogizing Life amidst a Culture of Death, Etty Hillesum, Dostoevsky’s Grand Inquisitor and Nazi Reductionism, John Cartner
  8. Patience and Hope in the Writings of Julian of Norwich and Etty Hillesum, Stephen Cherry
  9. The Girl Who Could Not Kneel : Etty Hillesum and the Turn Inward, Marja Clement
  10. Etty Hillesum and Charlotte Salomon : Pregnancy as a Theme in Their Lives and Works, Denise de Costa
  11. Wandering Beyond Words : Etty Hillesum and Clarice Lispector, Patricia Couto
  12. “Verbalize, Vocalize, Visualize”: Creative Death and Performative Writing in the Testimonies of Hillesum and Levi, Maria Essunger
  13. A “No” that Is an Affirmation: Etty Hillesum and Simone Weil Against the Laws of Force, Laura Fasani
  14. From Enclosure to Disclosure: Images of the Self in Etty Hillesum’s Diary, Sara Gomel
  15. A Story of Individuation in the Writings of Etty Hillesum: A Jungian Perspective, Maribeth Kallemeyn
  16. Mad Midrash in the Diaries of Etty Hillesum, Marc P. Lalonde
  17. The Mystery of Encounter : Poetry and Faith After Auschwitz in the Work of Paul Celan and Etty Hillesum, Ulrich Lincoln
  18. Can Religion Help Heal a World Broken by Trauma? : Etty Hillesum as Our Ancestor in the Qahal Goyim, William McDonough
  19. The Contours of These Times : Etty Hillesum as Chronicler of Love Transcending Hate in Her Times, for Our Time, for All Time, Barbara Morrill
  20. Etty Hillesum’s Hand Analysis : The Prologue to Her Diaries, Alexandra H.M. Nagel
  21. Suffering, Silence, and Wisdom in the Life of Etty Hillesum, Rosana E. Navarro Sánchez
  22. Feeding the Soul : Etty Hillesum’s Pedagogical and Spiritual Path, Maria Gabriella Nocita
  23. Am I Really a Woman? : A Question About Female Identity in Etty Hillesum, William Augusto Peña Esquivel
  24. A Powerless God: Etty Hillesum and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Maria Luísa Ribeiro Ferreira
  25. New Light on Etty Hillesum’s Actions in Camp Westerbork, Bettine Siertsema
  26. “My Beloved Desk, the Best Place on this Earth”: Etty Hillesum Says Goodbye to Her Familiar Surroundings, Klaas A.D. Smelik
  27. Etty Hillesum’s Humanism: Ethical, Philosophical and Theological Comments, Jurjen Wiersma
  28. Etty Hillesum’s Struggle to See Clearly: A Story of Two Worlds, Patrick Woodhouse
  29. Present Traces of a Past Existence: Through the Lens of Photography, Lucrezia Zanardi

Notes by The Lasting Significance of Etty Hillesum’s Writings

  • The book was published in 2019 by the Amsterdam University Press. For order information here.


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